Welcome Message from President/CEO

Posted on 26 Febuary 2016

More than 33 years of commitment perseverance and success in doing many things despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. Dansuleka triad and achieve all the best in the group endeavours.
Dansuleka Group of companies has grown to become a specialized and diversified companies based in Nigeria, focusing on foreign exchange export and import and management of electrical/mechanical engineering supplies, construction, and borehole drilling. Moreover, Dansuleka Group of companies established business of entrepreneurship and skills development, merchandise Agents, Travels and Tours, Tradecraft and confectionery business, leather hide skin etc.
Dansuleka has persevered during the tough years where our determination, passion and commitment to our shareholders, commitment to our customers and the dynamic local, city and state of Nigeria led us to skillfully deliver on 100% of our various programs and projects in excess of billion Naira; During the economic crisis, we focused all our financial and physical resources on delivering all our commitment. This has made us stronger, wiser and has demonstrated our commitment and loyalty to our customers, investors, authorities and the wider community.
Since the establishment of Dansuleka Group our people growth inception and focus was shifted from survival- mode to growth, whilst continuing to deliver excellence. We are realigning all our people strategies, business processes and procedures, recruitment and resources training to achieve public and private initiative.
I would like to take this opportunity to pledge that I Umar Dansuleka President /CEO Dansuleka Group sectors will continue to the team well endeavor to develop our full efforts and to exceed our full satisfying needs and requirements nationally and internationally.
Thank you.
Yours sincerely,

Alhaji Umar Rabiu Dansuleka
President / CEO